There are many possibilities for the area, and we’re trying to list them here so that they can all be considered in the consultation process.  We will continue to update this list as ideas come in.

Many of these options are not mutually exclusive and it will be up to the local community to decide.

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

  • Access – improve the footpaths, trails and signposting in the area to make it easier for locals and visitors to use them  Are there other paths needed to link communities?
  • Cafe / Tea Room – the current toilet building could be extended to provide a great venue.  The flat area across the road would probably need to be made into a parking area.
  • Camping – perhaps on the flat area across the road from the Foresters Lodge, although this might be needed for parking, or on the field beside the lodge.  There may be other locations in the area.
  • Commercial activity – this needn’t be a large scale industrial operation, but small scale activities such as firewood harvesting, making fences, or small workshops using local timber could provide much needed local employment.
  • Do Nothing – very tempting, and it may be the chosen option, but only once we have considered the alternatives.  Much can be achieved by influencing others, particularly the Forestry Commission, but the opportunity to buy the land for the community may never arise again.
  • Education – the classroom in the toilet building has been used before for this and could be again.  The Foresters Lodge may also have possibilities.  Has been successful in places like Aigas.
  • Firewood – selling firewood to the local community would provide an income.  Could provide some part-time work for a forester.
  • Heritage – the area has an interesting past, and providing a place where locals and visitors could learn more about it could be a great attraction.
  • Holiday Lets – possibly by buying the Foresters Lodge which is currently used for holiday lets.
  • Housing – there may be a case for providing affordable housing.
  • Hutting – renting areas of woodland to individuals, locally or from further afield, to build their own huts for weekend retreats.  This is very popular in Scandinavia.  Provides a small income with little outlay.
  • Old bridge – the old bridge over the Farigaig used to be accessible by a footpath.  This could be restored, opening up access to the land to the north.
  • Woodland Crofts – just like a normal croft, but in the woods (or with areas of woods).